Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meet Julianna from Fordham Lincoln Center!

Julianna Pollina is a freshman at Fordham’s Lincoln Center Campus. I met Julianna Pollina when she came to the Rose Hill Campus to try out for the dance team in September! She commutes weekly to the Rose Hill Campus for dance team practices and performances, but she lives and takes classes at Lincoln Center. I wanted to interview her to see a Lincoln Center student's perspective of life at Fordham. 

What's your major?
I am a Natural Science major.

Why did you choose Lincoln Center?
I love being in the city and the area is perfect, we are so close to Lincoln Center, Central Park, and so many other cool places.

What are some classes you're currently taking and do you have a favorite?
I'm mostly taking core requirements right now but my favorite class is definitely Spanish. I have Professor Sagardia and she is the greatest. 

What are some of your favorite things to do around campus?
I love walking around and finding cool new places to eat, especially desserts. There is a Magnolia Bakery a few blocks away that my roommates and I visit a lot. 

NYC at night.
What's the coolest thing that you have done this year?
The coolest thing that I have done this year is go see a black tie screening of Casablanca at Union Palace. Everyone was wearing ball gowns and tuxedos; it was a really classy and fun night. The best part though was that dressing up got you in for free! 

Julianna and her roommate at the black tie event.

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