Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fordham Students Abroad: Bath Time

 Junior Sara Power is spending her spring semester abroad is London! She'll continue to shares some of her experiences with us every few weeks!

This past weekend, a few friends and I ventured into the English countryside for the first time since arriving in London. Our destination was Bath, best known for being Jane Austen's favorite place. However, Bath had much more to offer than this literary tidbit. It was a charming little city, filled with cobblestoned alleys, stunning images of the surrounding countryside, beautiful architecture, and all-around quaintness. It was impossible not to immediately fall in love with the place.

While visiting, we took a tour of the Roman baths which are one of the largest attractions in Bath. Indeed, this city contains the only natural hot spring in the entire UK! There was tons of history surrounding its cultural use and historical prevalence, and the museum there was incredibly interesting. 

After visiting the baths, my friends and I attempted to take a tour when suddenly it started pouring. Though disheartened by the ever-unpredictable English weather, we rallied ourselves for the tour and found that it was well worth it! There were so many interesting things about the city's history and our tour guide brought us to two of the main architectural sites: the Circus, and the Royal Crescent.

Even though we accomplished so much in one day, we unfortunately did not get to see everything that we had come for. However, Bath is only two hours outside of London and so we've already begun planning another trip there to go on a Jane Austen tour and to see Stonehenge which is very near to it. I can't wait, and I highly recommend this beautiful spot to all the Anglophiles out there!

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