Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Senior Spotlight: Michael McCarville

Fordham seniors are beginning to realize just how close graduation is. In fact, exactly 101 days remain (not that I'm counting or anything)...but many seniors already know where they will be working come May! I spoke to my good friend Michael McCarville, who has accepted a two-year position with Teach for America, about his post-graduation plans.

Major: English, with a minor in computer science
Hometown: beautiful Casa Grande, AZ
Clubs: Fordham Stand Up

Describe your TFA position.
I will be teaching high school English in a still-to-be-determined low-income high school in, or around, Phoenix, AZ. I will be attending the TFA institute over the summer, along with completing various other certifications required to teach in Arizona. 

Why did you decide to apply for TFA?
I am a product of a low-income high school, and I found my way to New York City via Fordham. I hope, if possible, my story could be some semblance of inspiration for students with similar backgrounds. 

What was the application process like?
Longer than I would have liked or expected. Somewhat of a three-part process: an online interview, a phone interview, and an in-person final interview, which also had a few parts. Overall, it's a process in every sense of the word. Hopefully one that picks the right people.

What excites you most about this opportunity?
Teaching English is exciting. Hopefully I will be able to teach all the texts that interested me in high school and toss the ones that did not.

Do you feel that Fordham has prepared you for TFA?
I would say I am more prepared for life than I once was, but I doubt I am any more prepared to teach high school. I think that's the point of TFA. Maybe I am less afraid of my lack of preparedness to teach because of my experiences at Fordham. Maybe I just know a lot about medieval lit. 

Do you see yourself teaching after your commitment with TFA ends?
Maybe, but maybe not. I have consistently been told "it's the hardest thing you'll ever do," so we'll see how I come out on the other end. After that, I will probably be back in New York City.

What will you miss most about Fordham?
I have never had a bad professor at Fordham. I will miss listening to smart people talk about things they're smart about... and, of course, friends.

Check back in next month for another Senior Spotlight!

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