Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Following @ The Bronx

One really cool perk of attending college at Fordham is Arthur Avenue. From delicious pizza at Full Moon to mouthwatering enchiladas at Estrellita's, there's always something that students are bound to like.

Two weeks ago, I came across an unexpected occurrence in this avenue full of delectable treats. Kevin Bacon and his crew were filming their latest set for the TV series, The Following. Personally, I haven't gotten the chance to watch the action-packed TV show--but I have gotten many positive reviews about it from some of my friends.

Another thing that got me excited about The Following is the slight chance that I might have made a short appearance as an extra during the filming. A directing assistant told me and my two friends Felicia and Jason to pretend talking if we wanted to see ourselves on TV for the second season.

For everyone with a Netflix account, join me in watching the first season of this fast-paced drama. Also, if anyone is up to speed with the show, please leave a comment if you do happen to see me in the background!

I wasn't able to meet Kevin Bacon or the rest of the cast, but I really hope that I come across many more exciting TV filmings in the area. After all, The Following isn't the first movie to be filmed in the Bronx neighborhood.

Here's a link of movies filmed at Fordham University. (Credits to The Ram Realm!)

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