Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Benefits of a Smaller Class

When I embarked on the long process of picking where I would want to spend my college years I really had no idea where I was going to end up.  I didn't really have a bunch of requirements about a school or have my heart set on anywhere.  However, one requirement that always stuck out to me was that the school I chose could not have huge class sizes.  I knew that I would not work well in these types of environments and definitely wanted and needed a smaller and more interactive classroom experience.  

When I came to visit Fordham I realized that they completely fulfilled this requirement!  The average class size at Fordham is 23 with a student to faculty ratio of about 14 to 1. These smaller classes have a variety of benefits that come along with them.  One is the fact that you will actually get to know your professor, there is no doubt that he or she will know your name and be able to talk with you not only in class, but in their office hours countless times throughout the semester. This becomes really important when you are struggling with something in class, if you feel that your professor knows you it will be much easier to go to them for the necessary help! 

Another great benefit is the ability to ask questions and discuss topics as a class.  With the smaller amount of students it is much easier to formulate discussions on topics that everyone may be confused about or simply topics of general interest having to do with the specific class.  However, in my opinion one of the greatest parts of these smaller classes is the fact that they are without a doubt much less intimidating and I can guarantee you will make tons of new friends in every class! Below are some pictures of the average classroom at Fordham, this particular classroom is in Keating Hall where you will certainly have many classes throughout your time at Fordham! 

Classes take place in many buildings here on campus, some of these buildings are Keating Hall, Dealy Hall, Faculty Memorial Hall, Freeman Hall, and John Mulcahy Hall to name a few! Click here To find out more about these buildings and discover new buildings through Fordham's Interactive Maps! 

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