Monday, April 7, 2014

How to Boogie Down in the Bronx

Living at the Rose Hill campus I, along with many other students, have grown to know and love the Bronx.  In the past year and a half while here, I’ve come up with four of my favorite parts of the Bronx. 

Arthur Ave
Coming from an Italian family who loves to eat great food, my first choice is an easy one: Arthur Ave, the original Little Italy.  Arthur offers its guests great Italian restaurants, bakeries, food markets, festivals, and a discount to Fordham students!!  One of my favorite pastimes on Arthur is to eat at one of the restaurants and then get a cannoli at Palombo’s for 20% off!  If you’re more into the cooking part of food, then Arthur is still your place.  Borgatti’s pasta and Casa della Mozzarella have you covered!  Both shops make their food right in the store and will even give you a life story of their travels from Italy free of charge!

Palombo's Bakery
City Island
This next one is a place that I wish I went to more: City Island. It’s great for a nice fall day where you’re still trying to hold onto the summer, or a warm spring day where you’re just starting to feel the summer!  After an easy bus ride to the island, you’ve teleported away from the busy city into a small fishing oasis.  When I first went there with some friends, we took the bus to the very last stop, in front of Sammy’s Fish Box.  We took one look at the building, saw Santa relaxing on the moon and knew this was the place for us.  The multi-course meal and best vanilla custard ever just confirmed our faith in Sammy! After that huge meal, you should take a stroll, work off all of that food, and see the island.

Sammy's with Santa on the Moon
Yankee Stadium
I don’t care if you’re a Yankee’s, Boston, or another (less fortunate) fan, but everyone should make at least one trip to Yankee Stadium; it is the Cathedral of Baseball after all!  The stadium is the sixth subway stop from Fordham Road, and when you walk out from the subway, you can see all the glory and history that is Yankee Stadium!! Often times throughout the year, residence halls and Campus Activities Board, CAB, even give out free or very discounted tickets.  If there isn’t a sale on campus, you can still buy a $20 ticket and enjoy the game with the legendary Bleacher Creatures.
Sitting with the Bleacher Creatures 
Bronx Zoo/Botanical Garden
This final place is a two parter that every student has probably done many, many times: Go to the Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo.  Both are literally across the street from campus and very welcoming to Fordham students.  The Botanical Garden is free for Fordham students, and on Wednesdays you can get into the zoo with a donation of your choosing!  These are great places for a relaxing afternoon walk or activity on a beautiful day.  Many students go for runs through the Garden, stroll through the flowers, or simply mingle with the various animals at the zoo.
The Botanical Garden during a Halloween exhibit
Although many view New York City only as Manhattan, Fordham helps everyone to realize that there are so many activities we can do without even leaving our own borough!  So get out and Boggie Down in the Bronx!!

Public Service Announcement: For your own safety, try not to wear non-Yankees apparel around the Bleacher Creatures.

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