Sunday, April 13, 2014

Why Fordham?

Three years ago, I was in the midst of making the big college decision.  I never had my sights set on one dream school or an ideal program.  I had ideas about what I wanted from my college experience, but I had a lot of trouble deciding which school would actually transform those expectations into realities!

Initially in my college search, I had written off Fordham, because my sister had attended, and, being the headstrong youngest sibling, I didn't want to follow the same collegiate path she took .  Once I looked past my silly worries and allowed my mom to convince me to visit Fordham for a tour, I saw that it had all the things I was looking for in a college experience (and more!).  It was right under my nose the whole time once I was ready to see it!
When attending my sister's graduation from Fordham in 2010, I never expected that she'd be doing the same for me in a few years!
City Life AND Campus Life
One of the few things I was sure of in choosing a school was that I wanted to be in (or near) a city, but I still wanted that traditional campus feeling.  Fordham won me over, for I knew that in 20 minutes I could travel on MetroNorth from bustling midtown Manhattan to the shady respite of the Rose Hill campus.  I'm able to easily travel to the city for concerts, Broadway shows, shopping, meals, and simply to embrace The City That Never Sleeps while still knowing that on a nice, sunny day there's plenty of space on the Rose Hill campus to lay out and read or play frisbee.  Plus, there are tons of opportunities to experience some of the city's best offerings for free or for less through Fordham programs!
Recently took the D Train from Fordham Rd to 34th St. to see an Arctic Monkeys concert at Madison Square Garden
Take the 4 train from Fordham Rd to the Upper East Side & the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Or just stay on campus to enjoy the nice weather
Ability to take a wide range of classes
Since I was unsure of what I wanted to major in, I was always a fan of Fordham's core requirements.  I knew this would enable me to take classes in different disciplines without worrying about falling behind in major requirements by entering my studies without a declared major.  The core helped me realize that I wanted to major in Communication and Media Studies, and my enjoyment of my lower level, core English classes led me to pursue a minor in English.

Arthur Avenue
Last but not least: I wouldn't be telling the whole story if I didn't admit that Arthur Avenue played a large role in my decision to come to Fordham.  I would always look forward to a trip to Tino's with my family and knowing that I could have all that delicious Italian food so close all the time definitely pushed Fordham over the edge!

As cheesy as it sounds, you wind up where you're meant to be.  Best of luck to all making their difficult college decisions!

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