Saturday, August 30, 2014

"Ramily" Summer Vacation

In high school the furthest I had to travel to see my school friends over the summer was fifteen minutes across town. Interestingly enough, in college, one can spend twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with his or her friends and, yet, never know what their houses, families, and friends from home are like. Now, at Fordham, my school friends live all across the country. Fortunately enough, this summer I was able to visit some of my friends from Fordham for the first time.

In June, I traveled to New Cannan, Connecticut to attend my friend Caroline’s sister’s graduation party. I was so excited to be reunited with all of my friends from Fordham since I had not seen them since we packed up our dorms in May. We spent the day meeting her family members and close friends. After dinner, we hung out by her pool and caught up on everything that had happened to us in the past month. Although we talked on the phone and texted frequently, it was a nice change to be able to spend time with them in person.

A roommate picture at Caroline's sister's Graduation Party.

The second trip I took this summer in July to see my Fordham friends was to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. My roommate, Yasmin, and her twin, Laura, showed me around Philadelphia the first day I was there. I felt like a true tourist when we went to see the “Love” Statue, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. I stayed at their house for the weekend and we went to many cool and different places. We had brunch in the little town near their house with some of their friends and afterwards went flower picking at a “Pick Your Own Flower Farm." Before dinner one night, we even went for a walk on a nearby nature trail. I was glad that I was able to meet their family and friends and see what a typical day in their hometown is like.  
Philadelphia, City Hall 

Picking flowers in a flower field. 
My friends and I in front of Independence Hall. 
It is important to know that the friends you make at Fordham will never be more than a phone call or text away over the summer, but given the opportunity it is always nice to be able to see where they come from! I am hoping my friends will have the opportunity to come visit me, as well, over an upcoming break! 

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