Monday, September 15, 2014

Branching Out!

Students modeling for MODE's photo op

On September 3rd, I attended Fordham’s annual Club Fair on Edward’s Parade.  The usual campus hangout was encircled by tables, one for mostly every club here at Fordham.  The club fair allows students to see what is happening on campus and gives them an opportunity to get involved with something that they find interesting. At each table you can receive a brief overview of what the club is and give them your email to receive more information as well as meeting times.  As a sophomore, I wanted to broaden my horizons and get involved with something new and exciting.  I came across many clubs that caught my attention, but the one I was most interested in was MODE.
The Fall 2013 Cover
The Spring 2014 Cover

MODE is Fordham’s version of a fashion magazine.  A group of students work together to publish one edition every semester which gets distributed right before the start of finals.  The magazine covers a myriad of topics from fashion to romance to fitness.  What makes MODE special is its emphasis on the Fordham community in its articles.  The models and interview subjects in the articles are all current students or alumni.  Fashion on campus was a huge part of the most recent edition of the magazine.  It is very cool to see people you know in the magazine! Also, it makes it super easy for any Fordham student to relate to!

As a communications major, I was very interested in being a part of MODE.  Writing for a magazine can be a good way to improve on your writing skills while being a great resume booster as well.  Rumor has it, members of MODE have interned for big time magazines such as Teen Vogue!  Being a part of publishing a magazine is not only good for potential writers or journalists.  It is a great way for anyone interested in fashion, photography or graphic design to gain experience.  Although I am just starting to get involved, I cannot wait to begin writing for the magazine! 

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