Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ram-flections: Homecoming Edition

Check out the firemen watching the game!
Two years ago, I sat for the first time in Jack Coffey Field, watching the Fordham Rams take on Cornell’s football team during our homecoming game. It was the first time I watched a college football game live, and it was the first time that Fordham really felt like home for me. I was mesmerized that this school – the one I picked specifically because of its location in New York City (which is, in my opinion, the greatest, busiest, trendiest city in the world – pardon the evident bias…) – still could have the atmosphere of a small college tucked away in a quaint college town. And I liked having the best of both worlds so much.

Today, I remain just as fascinated by the unique ambiance of my school and how Homecoming continues to bring together generations of Fordham Rams from all over the country and all over the world.

The Alumni Tent!
My roommates and I were greeted by sounds of excited chatter and lively music streaming in through our apartment windows this morning. Glancing outside, we could see the Alumni Tent filling up with people happily anticipating today’s big game against Rhode Island. After last year’s record-breaking football success, the Fordham school spirit has been renewed and fans reinvigorated by the prospects of another exciting season.

My friends and I selfied during halftime.
There were so many different types of people there – elegant older gentlemen wearing tailored suits, young families with their little kids, and even football alumni from back in the 50’s. You’d think you have nothing in common with these people, and, at first glance, you’d occasionally be right, but it’s immensely inspiring knowing you’re walking in their shoes. Whether these men and women graduated last year, or several decades ago, they were the ones paving the way for us. They were building Fordham’s success before we were even born, and, as another victorious Homecoming draws to a close (54-7 win despite the rain!) we’re all reminded that it’s just as important for us to continue creating the same positive environment for the next generations of baby Rams.

View of the field from our seats.

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