Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rams in the Botans

When most people think of Fordham, they think of a top university located in a major city. But did you know that just outside Fordham’s Rose Hill campus lies a beautiful oasis of trees and flowers? The New York Botanical Gardens, or "Botans" is a 240-acre observatory filled with flowers, exhibits, and a library. The Garden is open year round, and there is always something new going on. In the spring and summer, visitors can experience the lovely rose garden, and the various types of flowers and plants that grow in the area. In the late fall and in the winter, the Botanical Gardens is the perfect spot for a walk in the fresh, crisp air.
The "Botans" or Botanical Gardens, is right across from the Rose Hill campus
I couldn't believe that these flowers were real!
The Botanical Gardens is a wonderful place for Fordham students to visit. Admission to the Garden is free for all Fordham students, and getting there is easy! The Botanical Gardens is directly across the street from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus, which makes it very accessible to all students. My roommate and I love to visit the Botanical Gardens in order to relax, and to experience the nature that exists right in New York City.

The Rose Garden looked like a picture from a classy gardening catalog 
Fordham has an amazing location because New York City is filled with opportunities for jobs, fun, and adventure. With the city surrounding Fordham’s campuses, and an oasis of nature directly across the street, Fordham truly has the best of both worlds.

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  1. Kaitlyn, you've inspired me to take a trip to the NY Botanical Garden. Sharon