Friday, October 17, 2014

Conquering Midterms-the Fordham Way

Amidst the fun times that college brings comes the stress around the middle of the semester known as midterm exams. Although the stress can sometimes seem unbearable to most students, Fordham's academic departments offer resources that have given me relief during this hectic time of year. With Fordham already being a medium-sized school, it is not difficult to seek help from your professors personally in preparation for midterms, but I have also discovered many of the other ways Fordham has come first in preparing and assisting its students for exams. From various practical study locations on campus to specific programs that each academic department has to offer, Fordham always has something to offer to a student who is desiring to succeed in their academics.

As an Engineering Physics major, I oftentimes find myself struggling to balance the workload from my liberal arts core classes on top of my major science courses. Luckily, many of the departments located on campus provide peer tutoring and group study sessions--unconventional ways of studying for tough exams. For example, the Physics department offers a “Physics Club room” in which students and professors gather in one place to assist others in tests, homework, or whatever it is they need help on. I find this to be a comfortable place to study, if going one-on-one with your professors becomes a bit intimidating. Plus, it is a great environment to collaborate with your peers in studying for exams that you might have together. Other departments like the Mathematics and Chemistry departments offer similar tutoring style rooms open for peer tutoring in preparation for exams. Sometimes, being able to talk about your exams with your peers in this situation already helps in relieving the stress that midterms bring, so I am definitely grateful for discovering that part of Fordham and highly encourage others to take advantage of it as well!

The Physics "Club Room" in Freeman Hall where students can study together and receive tutoring.
Another helpful tool that many Fordham students use, especially around the impounding swarm of midterm papers, is the English department’s writing center. For a paper to get better, it sometimes requires another pair of eyes to look over, and the writing center allows students to bring in papers ranging from Theology to English Composition and lets another graduate student take a look at some problem areas in the paper and to spend one-on-one time discussing the areas where a paper can get stronger. It is also really easy to sign up for an appointment online, and you can even request tutors that you felt really helped you in the revision process if they did!
A flyer for the Writing Center showing its accessible hours and creative ways to get students to seek help!
These are just some of the resources that I have utilized during stressful times like midterms and finals. The most fulfilling aspect lies in the fact that no matter what your major may be, Fordham will always have a place that will cater to your academic needs. Best of luck to everyone taking their midterms!

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