Monday, October 20, 2014

On the Court at RamTown

RamTown atmosphere
One of the biggest nights of the year on campus was pretty special for me. Ram Town is similar to a midnight madness event. It is the opening night of the Men’s and Women’s basketball seasons. Held in the Rose Hill Gym, home of the two teams, Ram Town is a night of free food, prizes, and contests to get students excited about the upcoming basketball seasons. As a member of the Fordham Dance Team, I got to actually participate in the planning and executing of the event, which most students do not get to experience.

The Fordham Dance Team at the start of RamTown.

The night started off with the women’s basketball team making their introduction onto the court. As last year’s A10 champions, they unveiled two new banners in the gym in honor of their success. As a part of the dance team’s responsibilities, we got to stand on the court and cheer with the team as the banners were released. When men’s basketball made their entrance about half way through, I got to stand right next to the basket as they showed off their own dunking skills.
The two new banners for the Women's team.
The Men's Basketball team entrance.
The highlight of my night, as a dance team member, was being a part of the annual dance off. It was Men’s Basketball and the Dance Team vs. Women’s Basketball and the Cheerleaders. The Women’s team went first with a mix of Flawless, This is How We Do It, and Anaconda. We followed up with a mix of Soulja Boy, Jerk, Teach Me How to Dougie, and OG Bobby Johnson. While it was unclear who the winner was, I’m pretty sure we won the crowd’s vote! Whether you’re a part of the action or not, Ram Town is an event you definitely don’t want to miss on campus!


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