Monday, October 27, 2014

Running Off Stress

With midterms finally over, there is a definite need among the student body to unwind and give their minds a break. Being on the track team here, it is nice to have an outlet for stress and a get away from the bustle of studying and busy life on campus. On Saturdays for practice we get the chance to go to Van Cortlandt Park, which is only about 2 miles from campus. Van Cortlandt is a great open space in the middle of the Bronx with different trails and a wooded area. The hilly trails provide a perfect practice space for the team, and it’s nice to be able to run in such a scenic park that is so close to campus. 

Practice at Van Cortland after a busy week!
My roommate, Shanna, is also on the team. This week, she started an internship at Jozii doing marketing and working on their social media to expand their brand. So, she was especially in need of unwinding at Van Cortlandt! We are not in the same running group, but we met up after practice and walked around the park a little before taking the bus back. Waking up for 8 am practice on Saturdays is not always the easiest thing to do, but a morning run is a fun way to wrap up a busy week. After practice, some of my teammates and I went to Pete’s CafĂ© on Fordham Road. It’s always nice to get a meal off campus and change up the normal routine of eating in the cafeteria or our other dining options. Pete’s is great because there’s plenty of space to accommodate our big group! Enjoying the leaves changing and the scenery in the park along with a relaxing breakfast was the perfect way to start of a calm Saturday after a busy week!

Blog by: Claire McGonigle

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