Monday, October 27, 2014

Shopping on Arthur Ave

One of my favorite things about being a Fordham student is the proximity to the amazing food on Arthur Avenue. And while the restaurants may be famous (and rightfully so, they are delicious), I’ve found the best food comes from the Italian ingredient stores. If you come visit campus, do some grocery shopping while you are here! Here are the top 5 Arthur Ave essentials that my friends and I have discovered over our time here:

1. Casa Della Mozzarella: 
This is the best fresh mozzarella you will ever taste. Order the boccaccini and be amazed at the amazing freshness of these little mozzarella pillows. If you want something to pair it with, order the prosciutto de parma and you have a delicious lunchtime snack. My friends and I had a tradition of going there every Sunday morning before we started our homework.
2. Calabria: 
Pork lovers will drool over the heat of the hot sopressatta, and its funky taste. If you are more of an adventurous eater, check out their n'duja. It is an orange colored, spreadable sausage that tastes amazing on some of arthur ave's famous bread.
3. Calandra:
While Casa is the holy grail of mozzarella, Calandra (all the way at the end of the block) is the king of ricotta. Stop by for a heaping portion of this light and fresh take on authentic ricotta and get same amazing free samples from their friendly staff. But don't stop there, stop by during the holidays for sheeps milk ricotta and try their amazing imported burrata. And make sure to check out their burrino (butter stuffed inside aged mozzarella). It is well worth the walk.
4. Borgatti's
Located on a street right off Arthur Ave, this store has been making the freshest of handmade pastas for over 70 years. Stop in for a fantastic selection of pasta including ravioli, manicotti, egg noddles, linguini - all cut to your specifications.
5. Madonia:
For the chewy semolina bread and freshly filled cannolis, look no further. This bakery has some of the best bread you've ever tasted and goes great with all the meats and cheese you'll have picked up at your other stops. End your meal with a cannoli, filled while you watch. It is a little piece of heaven

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