Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet the President of Men's Club Soccer!

Anthony Humphreys
Gabelli School of Business, Class of 2016
President of Men’s Club Soccer

What is your major?

Public Accounting, Pursuing the Dual Degree Program

Where are you from?
Stony Brook, NY

How did you get involved with Club Soccer?
Before I got accepted into Fordham, I knew I didn’t want the commitment of a varsity sport, but at the same time I still wanted to play soccer at a competitive level. During my freshman year, I found the club soccer table at the Club Fair and then proceeded to tryout and made the team. Once I started playing with the club, I knew I fit in well, and since freshman year I’ve grown as a player and as a leader.

Anthony playing during a club game
What are some of your responsibilities as president?
As president, I oversee everything that happens with my players and fellow board members. I mainly handle scheduling our games with our opponents, as well as working with our Athletic Director to coordinate our semester long practice schedule. I also oversee and track our club’s finances alongside our club treasure, as we have to generate our own sources of revenue in order to pay for transportation, referees, jerseys, etc.

Favorite part of Fordham?
My favorite part about Fordham is the close proximity to Manhattan. I love that we are just a train ride away. At the same time, we are away from all the craziness that NYC holds to get a break from the bustling city.

What other activities both on and off campus do you participate in?
I have a part time internship with the real estate firm, Douglas Elliman, which I love. While working there, I have learned a lot about an industry I was not familiar with before. Additionally, I am a member of the Economics Society and the Gaelic Society on campus.

The firm Anthony is currently interning at
Why did you choose Fordham?
I chose Fordham for many reasons, but one of the strongest factors in my decision was the natural beauty of the campus. I visited Fordham on 5 separate occasions prior to my admission because I could not stay away from Eddie’s and the rest of this beautiful campus. I also chose Fordham because it is in NYC, and as a born New Yorker, it would have pained me to leave the greatest city in the world.

Fordham offers many different club and intramural sports depending on your interest and level of commitment. It is a great opportunity to meet people and continue a sport through college. There are also a variety of leadership roles that students may take on as a part of the club. Here is a list of all the Club Sports offered at Fordham!

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