Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mini-Vacation To Our Nation's Capital!

Fordham’s location in New York City is incredibly convenient for exploring the East Coast! Since I’m originally from Chicago, I hadn’t spent much time on the East Coast before coming to Fordham. Part of the reason I came to Fordham was because of its location in NYC and the access it gives me to different transportation systems. This weekend, I was lucky enough to come out to Washington, DC!

Although there are a few different ways to get to DC, I decided to take the bus because it’s both inexpensive and fast. Yesterday, I hopped on the Washington Deluxe and four hours later, I arrived in our nation’s capital. I met up with my family who flew in from out of town to see the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. The Wyeth exhibit was beautiful, and I’m really glad that I got the opportunity to see it before it leaves the museum!

Today, my family and I spent the day walking around the National Mall. We went to see the Freer Gallery of art, which is a museum of Asian art, and The National Museum of American History. My sister and I enjoyed walking around the Freer, but had more fun taking a ride simulator at the second museum. After checking out the museums, my family found a coffee shop to recharge at. Being a tourist sure is fun and exhausting! After coffee, we walked over to a Korean restaurant called Mandu for dinner. Now, we are sitting back at the hotel playing board games!

Tomorrow afternoon I will head back to Rose Hill. I’ve had a fun, relaxing, mini-vacation from school, but I’m ready to get back to campus to see friends and prepare for the upcoming week. 

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