Wednesday, November 5, 2014

News Experience at Fordham

I am a member of many different clubs and organizations on campus, but Fordham Nightly News is definitely one of my favorites. Fordham Nightly News is Fordham University’s very own student run and student produced television program. The show airs at 5:30pm Monday through Friday. The studio is located in the basement of the library. It is fully equipped with cameras switchboards, teleprompters, soundboards and more!

This is the Fordham Nightly News desk!
There are so many different ways to get involved with Fordham Nightly News. There are opportunities to become involved in both the technical side of the news, and the on air aspect. Students who wish to learn the technical side attend a variety of tech workshops in the beginning of the year. They are then assigned to an experienced member of Fordham Nightly News and act as an apprentice. Once they are comfortable, they are assigned a night where they are responsible for certain aspects of the show. Students who want to be on air must first take a screen test to see how well they can read off a teleprompter. They then attend a variety of writing workshops and eventually earn a spot on the air.

This is the technical control room.
I am on air for Fordham nightly news on Monday nights. I act as an anchor, reporter, interviewer, or provide the editorial. These positions rotate on a weekly basis, giving students the ability to try a little bit of everything. A typical show lasts a half hour and consists of 10 anchor stories, 5 of which are breaking international news and 5 local or Fordham related stories. In addition to these short stories there are two student produced packages, two interviews, and finally the show is wrapped up with an editorial. Fordham Nightly News is more than just a club; it provides students with hands on experience that makes them more competitive when they apply for internships and jobs.

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