Saturday, November 1, 2014

Senior Nights

It's hard to believe how quickly the past three years have flown by whenever I think about this being my last year at Fordham.

But not to fear! Being a Senior at Fordham has its perks!

About once a month, Fordham hosts a Senior Night on campus for all the students in that year's graduating class.  Each event has a specific theme, and students are encouraged to create costumes that showcase that theme.  It's a great opportunity to be creative, have some fun, and enjoy the company of your fellow classmates!

A lawyer, an electrician, a baker, a flamenco dancer, a flight attendant,
a scientist, and a teacher head to their first Senior Night!
In October, the first Senior Night for the class of 2015 was held, with the theme of "Childhood Dream Job."  People dressed up as doctors, ballerinas, chefs, teachers, athletes, police officers, and everything in between!

November's scheduled event is themed "90s," encouraging attendees to dress up as a character, celebrity, or anything related to the 1990s.  In past years, other themes have included "The Name Game (dress as something from the first letter of your name), Safari, and 100 Nights (celebrating 100 nights until Graduation).  Students anxiously await the announcement for the next event's theme, so they can start planning their next set of costumes!

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