Monday, November 17, 2014

Spamalot and Theatre: Where Fordham Students Come to Have Fun-A-Lot!

This past weekend, I was so fortunate to have been able to play around in the Mimes and Mummers’ production of Spamalot as one of the ensemble members. Being Fordham’s oldest theatre club on campus, The Mimes play a special role in allowing Fordham students to come together and let their theatrical passions thrive in their ability to put together a show in all aspects, be it on stage or off. Spamalot is the second show that I have ever been involved in with the Mimes, and I always look forward to coming back and learning new things to improve myself as an actor and and in other forms of putting together a show such as set designs, costumes, etc... So, whether you’re an actor looking into set or light design or someone who has done set and wants to branch out as an actor, Fordham has the right club just for you!
Our appropriately titled "Mimesbill" program for Spamalot!
Spamalot is such a one of a kind show in the way that it incorporates sharp wit and notorious British humor all combined with catchy showtunes in order to tell the story of King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail. I clearly remember spending so much rehearsal time just laughing out loud at the hilarious brilliance of the cast as we worked together to tell this story. One of the special things about the Mimes and Mummers is seeing how each and everyone of its’ members comes together to put on a show as, in my opinion, prestigious as a Broadway production. In a span of just four weeks, it was extremely rewarding to finally see our hard work come to fruition. From the way that our director envisioned our set to look like and the finished product to the way that the cast worked with our musical director to learn the music all tied together in the end to produce a successful and incredibly hilarious show.

Just like with any big theatrical production, the days leading up to this weekend have been really long and stressful. But as a student, I sometimes found it a bit of a stress relief to escape from my usual classes and retreat back to my creative side and spend my evenings in an auditorium with some of the most talented individuals I could find on campus. Another important note about the Mimes is that everyone involved is a non-theatre major, which goes to show just how committed each and everyone of us is to this craft, and how our sheer passion for theatre drives us to have fun on the stage every time. Having this club available on Fordham’s campus definitely defined so many of my memorable college moments. Although my involvement with the Mimes and Mummers only spans to two semesters so far, I am extremely excited to lend a helping hand to future productions and to stay involved with as many Mimes shows as I can. With another show weekend under my belt, I am reminded of one of the reasons why I decided to come to Fordham, and it is being able to work with and be surrounded by some of the most passionate students in such a well-rounded and supportive community. Whether you're into hilarious comedies like Spamalot, or dramatic plays, you can always count on the Mimes and Mummers to put on a show that you will definitely enjoy!

Behind the scenes dressing room fun! Yes, we're always that happy on stage and off! :)

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