Monday, February 16, 2015

Fordham Spotlight: FLASH Magazine

At Fordham, if keywords like fashion, city culture, or even simply the arts catch your attention, then look no further than FLASH Magazine!

FLASH is a fashion, culture, and arts publication on campus that has had multiple issues and is something that I've been a part of since my sophomore year. I've modeled for the magazine, written articles, and am currently the marketing co-chair. Fashion, culture, and beauty are just a few sections that we feature. From articles on health, to discussing current trends, to reporting on Fashion Week, to articles about the best bucket lists for Manhattan, there's a little something for everyone in the magazine.

We're in the process of becoming an official club on campus, but we have a very good following so far! A lot of people are involved in the production of the magazine, from layout, to writers, to models, to photographers. It's a lot of fun, creative people that get together to create something beautiful.

A fun experience that I've had with FLASH is definitely being able to go to Fashion Week. I went to the BCBG fall 2015 runway show. I took pictures for the magazine and got to see the new collection! What I love about fashion is that it truly is an art form to me, it's so creative and each individual piece is literally a work of art. I'm so happy that because of FLASH, I have an outlet to express my appreciation and passion for this. It's a lot of really motivated people who are working together to design something awesome that's centered around the best city in the world (although I admit I am biased)! Check out FLASH magazine, you won't be disappointed, and when you come in the fall if fashion or art is something that you're impassioned about, you have plenty of channels to express that!
A picture I snagged from the show!

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