Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where in the World Do I Study Abroad?

So you have decided to spend a semester out of the country and you couldn’t be more thrilled! 
You were sold at the idea of experiencing a new culture and meeting new people, not to mention
trying all of the amazing food. But up until now you have only been able to describe where you
want to go in generic terms like, “Somewhere in Europe” or “Somewhere where they speak
Spanish.” So now that you’ve realized that those two qualifications constitutes hundreds of
countries you become completely overwhelmed and have even thought about nixing the whole

Before you make a huge mistake out of sheer frustration and apathy, know that tons of people are
willing to help you make this decision!

Prepare to be Advised…ISAP (International Study Abroad Office) offers online resource and
personal advising sessions solely to help you sort things out. Don’t forget that most academic
departments have specific advisors ready to help you find the right place and program based on
your major.

An ISAP map of all the different Study Abroad options 

Peer to Peer…If you want the most honest details about the best and (the worst) of study abroad
programs go directly to those who have experienced them first hand. Also, as an environment
full of students with international backgrounds, Fordham is the perfect place to find a classmate
who can recommend a country that they know better than anyone else that could be perfect for

Just Google it…And if you aren’t feeling like making the trip to the basement of Walsh
Library or talking to anyone who isn’t your roommate, then check out what the web has to offer.
Apart from ISAP’s website, tons of other online resources like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post
offer quizzes and articles about study abroad experiences.

Buzzfeed never fails with life's greatest questions

Blog Post By: Caroline Dunn

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