Friday, October 9, 2015

When Family Takes Fordham: A Fun Visit For Everyone!

One of my favorite parts about going to Fordham is that there is an endless amount of new places to go, activities to try, and experiences to have. There is always something exciting going on on Fordham's campuses, and I love going into Manhattan! This component of Fordham is especially helpful to me whenever my family comes to visit me from New Jersey. Like me, my family loves to enjoy all that Fordham has to offer. Whenever my parents and my brothers come to Fordham, we never run out of things to do and no family visit is ever dull! 
My brothers and I when they came to visit me!
My family loves coming to visit me at Fordham, and now that football season is in full swing, my parents have totally embraced that "Ram Spirit" we students hold close to our hearts. I really enjoy going to Fordham football games with my family because the community and the spirit in the stands makes everyone feel welcome and excited to be there. At the last home game, even my younger brothers got into the Fordham spirit when they saw the Ram mascot cheering from the sidelines! 
Our view of the field at the football game
Arthur Avenue is also a huge success when my family comes to town. Whenever they visit, parents and brothers love to try the many different restaurants that line the street. The delicious Italian cuisine and the authentic Italian atmosphere is very exciting and different from any restaurant back in my hometown. The proximity of Arthur Avenue to Fordham's Rose Hill campus is also a huge plus. 
Arthur Avenue is a great place to bring family!
Fordham's campus is my home, and I love it when my family comes to Fordham and feels at home, as well. The welcoming environment and the endless opportunities Fordham has to offer are fun and enjoyable for everyone. Whether friends, family, or anyone else comes to visit Fordham, a good time is always guaranteed! 

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