Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Club Spotlight: Fordham Hot Notes

Have you ever seen Pitch Perfect? Hilarious, right? Have you ever wondered how it could possibly be based on an actual competition? What is this “ICCA”? Icka?! Well. It’s real.
          Just a few weeks ago, one of Fordham’s own a cappella groups, the Fordham Hot Notes, competed in one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s Quarterfinals for the ICCAs, the same competition that the movie Pitch Perfect is based on. We won second place, and are going to be singing at the Mid-Atlantic Semifinals on March 26th at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia. Our musical director was even recognized with an individual award for his arrangements for our set. We couldn’t be more excited!
We performed four songs at the Quarterfinals at Stockton College on February 6th.   
The Hot Notes, Satin Dolls, and Ramblers all sang Silent Night
together at last year's Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.
As a freshman, I knew off the bat that I wanted to join an a cappella group as soon as possible. For me, it was a no-brainer; having always loved to sing, I knew that I wanted to continue doing this in college, especially in an a cappella group, so I auditioned for the Hot Notes. At that point, I had no idea what was in store—that I had just become a member of the quirkiest, most talented, and most supportive family, and a participant in Fordham’s vibrant a cappella culture. The Hot Notes are one of five a cappella groups associated with the university—there is also an all-male group, the Ramblers, an all-female group, the Satin Dolls, and two other co-ed groups, the B-sides (based at the Rose Hill Campus) and the F#’s (based at Lincoln Center). Both the Ramblers and the F#’s are competing this weekend in a different round of ICCAs Quarterfinals at Hofstra University.

^After getting results of the Quarterfinals!
 For more information about the Hot Notes and upcoming events and performances, check out our Facebook page or look us up on YouTube!

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