Thursday, March 10, 2016

NYC Winter Ball

This past Friday, Fordham Lincoln Center held its annual Winter Ball at The Current down at Chelsea Piers. The Winter Ball is a tradition at Fordham Lincoln Center, where students and guests dress up in formal wear and eat delicious food provided by the restaurant that the event is being held.

Students from all class levels attend this event and mingle with friends and other classmates. There is a DJ, who is very interactive and encourages students to dance. Most of the night is spent dancing, in between eating the different meal courses. 

What is so fantastic about this event is that it gives students a chance to relax, since it is usually held on the last day of midterms. Also, it allows them to mingle with their peers and sometimes even some of the staff, since some of the school administrators attend the even as well. I myself have attend all the Winter Balls that have taken place during my three years at Fordham and have had a grand time. 

If you are an FCLC student, I highly recommend attending this event. You will not regret it! 

Post By: Elizabeth Athy

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