Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Senior Year at Fordham!

Fordham has a Senior Week Committee who is responsible for hosting many different events for seniors over the course of the year to celebrate our last year here together. One of their signature events are the monthly Senior Nights, which are themed nights, hosted in the McGinley Student Center with a DJ, food, and drinks. So far this year, we have had four Senior Nights: Childhood Dream Jobs, Party in the USA, the (Senior) Night Before Christmas, and Mardi Gras Masquerade for 100 Nights until graduation. These are very fun nights because you have to get creative with your outfits!

In addition to Senior Nights, the Senior Week Committee hosts a number of events called the Check it Off Series. These events are focused on helping Seniors transition from college to the real world by having speakers talk about “real life skills.” Some examples of events this year are: Healthy Cooking, Navigating the Cocktail Party, Financial Planning, and Apartment Hunting. These events teach seniors skills that we don’t necessarily learn directly in a class, but will need as we start living and working on our own.

The highlight of the Senior Week Committee is Senior Week (the week leading up to graduation). All the underclassmen have moved out and finals are over, so there are events everyday to celebrate our last week at Fordham together as a Senior Class. The two biggest events of the week are Senior Ball and Parents Appreciation Dinner Dance. Senior Ball is essentially the college version of prom and this year it will be hosted at Cipriani 42. Parents Appreciation Dinner Dance (PADD) is the night before graduation. It is when students and parents all get together on campus for dinner and dancing under a tent on Martyr’s Lawn. Fordham definitely appreciates its seniors and wants to make sure we celebrate our accomplishments of our four years throughout our last year!

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