Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Art and Music in New York City

Blog by Katie Porter 

When I first arrived at Fordham, I was prepared to make the most of my time at college, and take advantage of everything possible in New York City. In high school, when I thought about art and music in New York, I pictured places such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Madison Square Garden.  After starting my freshman year however, I realized that the city has so much more to offer.  Since coming to Fordham, I’ve taken a tour of street art in Soho, attended a Marina and the Diamonds concert at the Bowery Ballroom, and explored a sketchbook library in Brooklyn.  

My best experience as a Fordham student came when I met a singer at a book signing in Tribeca, and he asked me to design a car wrap for his Range Rover.  I had met him in NYC previously, and given him some of my art.  During the winter of my freshman year of college, I hand drew the designs that would cover his car, and he even flew me down to Florida to spend the day and see the unveiling of my design.  There are so many opportunities for self-discovery, adventure, and education in New York City, and Fordham gives students the opportunity and the skills to thrive inside and outside of the classroom. As Fordham students, New York truly is our campus.

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