Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keating Through the Seasons

If you've visited Fordham you know that no matter what time of year it is, the campus looks beautiful.  From summer nights to blustery winter days, students are always snapping photos of the most picturesque spots on campus, especially Keating Hall.

Home to the infamous bell tower, Keating is placed at the center of campus behind Edward's Parade (the old football field and popular spot for students to hang out on during warm days and during New Student Orientation).  Keating also houses academic classrooms, deans offices, dance studios, WFUV- Fordham's the student run radio network, a beautiful blue chapel, and so much more!  Odds are, as a Fordham student you will have a couple of classes in Keating during your years here.

Here are some pictures of Keating Hall through the seasons, just another reason why you should come to Fordham and check it out yourself!

Keating Hall during the January 2015 Snowstorm Juno

Keating Hall on a warm day in Spring 2015, featuring students enjoying the nice weather on Eddie's!

Keating Hall in the Summer of 2016, preparing to celebrate 175 Years of Fordham, the Dodransbicentenial

Keating Hall in the Fall of 2016 at sunset

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