Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Views: The Empire State Building

View of the ESB from the Flatiron Building.
There is no better symbol to represent New York City than one of the tallest buildings making up the skyline itself: the Empire State Building. People come from all over to both see the Empire State Building from below and climb it to see the view of Manhattan from 102 stories. When you're a Fordham student, there's no shortage on amount of times you'll get to see the Empire State Building, but it heeds the same amazing feeling each time - and from each place!

View of the ESB from MSG - unreal.
The Flatiron District, located surrounding 23rd Street, is home to Shake Shack, Argo Tea, and the Flatiron Building itself.  But, it also provides a stellar view of the Empire State Building.  Eating your Shake Shack while gazing up at one of the most famous buildings in the world is an experience that never gets old.

One of New York's other major selling points is Madison Square Garden, home to so many performances over the years by Billy Joel, Radiohead, Justin Bieber... pretty much anyone you can name! Going to a concert or a Ranger game at Madison Square Garden is somewhat of a right of passage for living in New York, and the view that hits you as soon as you exit a Madison Square Garden event is unparalleled.

There are so many other great places to see the Empire State Building, whether up close or far away, but my personal favorite view will always be from right here in O'Hare Hall on the Rose Hill Campus.  I always have to take a moment when I walk by the 5th Floor Lounge to appreciate how lucky I am to go to Fordham, so close to so much opportunity.

NYC view from O'Hare Hall at Fordham Rose Hill.

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