Sunday, October 16, 2011

WFUV at Fordham!

WFUV 90.7, public radio brought to you by an eclectic cast of both professionals and Fordham students, has an illustrious history and a devoted fan base. Given its popularity and recognition within the industry, WFUV is a necessary stepping-stone for aspiring broadcasters, producers, and engineers. As a member of the WFUV Sports department, you will learn how to seamlessly manage demanding academic and work schedules, all for the sake of sports that you love. If it’s any consolation, you will have your share of fun…and the press credentials won’t hurt either.

No matter your interests or career goals, the WFUV Sports training program will introduce you to every aspect of sports radio. WFUV Sports alumni who have participated in our workshops (Chris Carrino and Mike Breen, among others) often cite that it was the breadth of training at WFUV that prepared them for professional broadcasting. As someone who as had both on-air and behind the scenes assignments, I have come to appreciate everyone's dedication and hard work. Most importantly, the training you'll receive at WFUV will translate to any newsroom or control room in the business.

After the one-year training program, many opportunities will be open to you. The key is to budget your time wisely and get as much experience as possible. If you like beat reporting, you will start out with a Fordham team and work your way up to the professional beats. If your dream is to do play-by-play or analysis, you will do a few demos and then have the opportunity to broadcast Fordham games. If you’re more of a behind-the-scenes person, you will start shadowing producers and engineers on One on One (our Saturday afternoon sports call-in show) and live Fordham games, before getting to work on these broadcasts yourself. And finally, you can try your hand at talk radio by hosting One on One. The most important thing is to watch and learn, listen and take notes. Everyone is willing to help and answer your questions, because we’ve all been there before.

This semester I began an internship at MSNBC with The Rachel Maddow Show. While going through the lengthy interview process at both NBC and other networks to which I applied, I was delighted to see how interested people were in hearing about my time at WFUV. Long story short, professional radio experience has been invaluable on my resume. Whether it’s professionally motivated or simply for fun, working for WFUV Sports will provide you with communications and technical skills that you can’t get anywhere else. And who knows? You might just be the next Vin Scully.

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