Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun at Ferragosto!

        One of the best aspects of going to school at Fordham is having Arthur Avenue, the Bronx’s own Little Italy, right off of our campus! I work as a cashier at Mike’s Deli, an authentic Italian Deli in the Arthur Avenue Market and this year I had the chance to work the annual Ferragosto Feast! 
        The Ferragosto Feast is a centuries old festival celebrated throughout the generations from Italians in ancient Rome all the way to the Italian-American population in the Bronx. This year, on September 9th from noon to seven o’clock, shop owners and vendors on Arthur Avenue set up booths on the sidewalks of “Arthur Ave” for people to visit and shop. The booths ranged from homemade cigars, to t-shirts, and of course, food! Almost every restaurant, deli, butcher, and bakery on the block set up a booth outside to showcase their different products and food. The canolis flowed just as much as the beer and wine, and the scent of fresh bread and pasta sauce could be smelt no matter where you are! There is also live entertainment all day long and music playing at all the different vendors stations.   
        This year there was about twenty thousand people that attended the unique Italian-style street fair, including Fordham students! It’s just like Fordham’s very own block party, rich with that Italian culture that makes our neighborhood so fun and special. Make sure if you visit Fordham to take a stroll down Arthur Ave, and check out the Little Italy of the Bronx! 


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