Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Living Abroad in Australia

Right from the beginning of Freshmen year at Fordham I knew that I would eventually want to spend a semester abroad somewhere, anywhere around the world. As the date of final deadline to submit an application got closer I was still wrestling with where I wanted to go. Finally I was getting extremely sick of flip flopping between spending an entire semester in a handful of countries so I decided to go with my gut and pick Australia for several reasons. After spending about five months in Australia with the ability to travel all of the eastern seaboard, take a short plane right to Indonesia and New Zealand, I do not have any regrets about not picking another country that was on my initial laundry lists of prospects.

I had the opportunity to live right in the heart of Sydney. I could walk to Chinatown within 10 minutes, be in the central business district in 15, go to a rugby game in 20, and then go to any of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to in 45 minutes to an hour by bus. Great food, great entertainment, great sports, and a beach all can be possible in one day; you can't get much better then that. The people of Australia could not have been any better to me also. They were the nicest people to talk to and yet the funniest. Each time we would go some place new in the city and around Australia there would surely be a good people story to come along with our adventure. What also made my experience a great one was the nature of the program I was in. I went through Boston University and their program required each student to partake in an internship for half the semester. I interned at PwC and had an amazing time, learning about corporate international accounting and bringing back to America something great to talk about come interview time.

I can honestly say although Fordham has been great to me these past three years, going abroad has been the highlight of my college career. I had a lot of fun, learned a ton, and realized how much the world has to offer. If you have the opportunity to go abroad, no matter what country you go to, be sure to try it out because I guarantee you will love it.

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