Sunday, September 30, 2012

Manhattan from a Different Angle

Although Fordham offers numerous opportunities on the weekends to enjoy your time outside classes, sometimes you might just want to do something out of the ordinary. NYC is a great place for that since it offers so many opportunities to experience something unique and unusual.

I will tell you about one of my very special experiences in NY: I went kayaking. Kayaking might not sound like something very unique and special, but have you ever been kayaking in the dark?
I did a “Manhattan by Night” Tour, which is a 2-hour kayaking trip on the Hudson River. It started in Midtown around the time of sunset. After an introduction to kayaking, we were paddling around on the Hudson River - slightly disoriented - in a group of about 10 kayaks. After having figured out some of the little tricks of kayaking, we were able to actually move in the desired direction while it was getting darker. First, we went upstream and got to see the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, the Chrysler Building, the bright sky over Times Square, and the illuminated George Washington Bridge. Going downstream afterwards, we could see the Freedom Tower, the skylines of New Jersey and Manhattan in direct comparison, and even the Statue of Liberty. The 2 hours went by so fast, and although I had seen all of it before, it was quite different and fun to see it from this perspective.

This is just one of the many unique opportunities that NYC offers, and luckily Fordham's location allows you to experience so many things out of the ordinary college life.  

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