Monday, October 1, 2012

Rose Hill Classes

Fordham University has three campuses located at Lincoln Center, Rose Hill, and Westchester. The one I attend, Fordham College at Rose Hill, is located in the Bronx (right across the road from the Botanical Gardens!) on East Fordham Road. Technically speaking, Fordham University is a liberal arts school and offers a plethora of subjects for students to study. Indeed, students are able to get a grasp of a variety subjects outside of their immediate interests due to the depth Fordham’s core curriculum.

Upon graduation, each Fordham student must have completed a certain number of core classes. The subjects of these classes vary from Biology and Chemistry to Cultural Anthropology and Philosophical Ethics. Moreover, some of the subjects that the core touches on are English, History, Math, Philosophy, Theology, and many more. I have found that taking such a variety of courses has definitely kept my options open as I have begun to decide which major to declare. Not to mention the fact that it has made me a more well rounded student as I study Descartes’ philosophy, the sun’s elliptical patterns across the sky, and the great works of James Joyce all alongside each other. Though this may seem like a daunting load to take on, I have discovered that though these subjects may seem very different from one another, there are a variety of overlaps. It has certainly helped me learn how to manage my time and also to find connections between different disciplines as I have struggled to decide over what to major in.

With the commencement of my sophomore year, I have since decided to focus my studies on Psychology; however, owing to our curriculum I am fortunately not only able to but also encouraged to continue feeding my passion for Irish and British literature, as well as to take more in-depth courses regarding ethics in religion and philosophy. Though Fordham’s demands in terms of core completion are very strict, it certainly encourages students to pursue a variety of interests and consequently find where it is their passions truly lie. 

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