Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Empire (City) State of Mind

Going to college in New York City offers plenty of perks. One of the best, of course, is being in New York City and experiencing all that it has to offer! It's a place that different cultures and lots of exciting events are naturally drawn to. Fordham students can definitely attest to this, since one of our campuses is located in Lincoln Center on 60th Street and 9th Ave!

There's a reason why they call it the greatest city on Earth, wouldn't you say?
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Whether you are interested in different foods, museums, landmarks, entertainment, or just wandering around in the hustle and bustle, Manhattan is the place for you. For me, it has always been an oasis, a concrete paradise only an hour away on the Metro North from my Connecticut home. For as long as I can remember, I spent every birthday in Manhattan, alternating between the Big Apple Circus and my favorite, the American Museum of Natural History.  Since I was a little girl, I always felt myself drawn to the city. That's why Fordham was a perfect fit for me!

Anything you could possibly want to do, Manhattan can offer you. There are just too many places to list all of them! Many of my friends like to spend time in Central Park, a stone's throw away from our Lincoln Center campus, or take the Metro North into Grand Central and spend time in midtown. The more you visit Manhattan, the more you stray away from the usual tourist spots like Times Square and explore different areas, like SoHo, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, or the upper East and West Sides. My friends and I love to go into the city and grab dinner, walking along 9th Ave from the Lincoln Center campus and checking out the restaurants in the ever-popular Hell's Kitchen! And the shopping is incredible - anything you could possibly need, you can find in the city. It's like having access to the anything in the entire world right at your fingertips.

I always say that the greatest thing about Fordham is the fact that you have a traditional college campus at Rose Hill surrounded by New York City. If the city scene is more your taste, you can't get any better than in the heart of Manhattan at Lincoln Center! Whatever your style, Fordham has something for everyone, and everyone can find their niche here.

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