Monday, February 4, 2013

Mexican Food on Arthur Ave?

After winter break, my parents drove me back to Fordham and like always, we enjoyed a family dinner in a local Italian restaurant on Arthur Avenue.  Driving back to school, my mom saw the store front and asked me about Estrellita’s.  When I told her it was Mexican food she immediately scoffed, “Mexican food, on Arthur Ave.?”
Arthur Avenue is famously referred to as The Bronx’s Little Italy.  The street is a few blocks long lined with delis, restaurants, bakeries, markets and specialty shops; however one small store front that is often over looked is Estrellita’s.  This restaurant does not leak a scent of freshly baked bread or offer endless amounts of pasta, but rather Estrellita Poblana III is Mexican cuisine.

The small restaurant can be loud and tight, but the atmosphere is great for large groups.  The menu offers Mexican favorites like quesadillas and enchiladas, but also many fish, salad, and meat options.
Last weekend my roommates and I ventured out to Arthur Ave. in the snow, and were welcomed with chips and salsa on our table and enjoyed an order of guacamole, chicken quesadillas and sangria (we are all 21, of course!).
Estrellita’s does not look like much, and might spark skepticism (being in the middle of some of the greatest Italian restaurants around), but the great food and the atmosphere will change all skeptics minds. 

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