Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Networking Carnival

When you think of a networking event at which you’re going to meet 14 potential employers, you usually get nervous. You may lay out your best business-formal clothes, print copies of your resume, and practice an introduction that will distinguish you from all the other students that are going to be there -  everything to impress the firms. Does that sound stressful? Of course it does!
That’s why Fordham offers networking opportunities that allow you to meet recruiters in a relaxed atmosphere. This January, Beta Alpha Psi, the Accounting and Finance Society, organized a Networking Carnival. Every employer had a booth at which you could play a fun game and meet with staff members and recruiters. You could talk to them about internship opportunities, summer leadership programs, ask questions about the firm, and pick their brains about how to make the best out of your career start at Fordham. You could also  play darts, roulette, or toilet paper toss for a chance to win prizes and enjoy a hot dog or some cotton candy with your friends.
The benefits of this networking event were not only the prizes and the free food, but also the opportunity to meet professionals in your desired career field without the pressure of having to make the most professional and competent impression possible. It was a very relaxed atmosphere to connect with employers and it didn’t matter at all if you embarrassed yourself completely at the games (as I did). Fordham understands that the process of starting your career by meeting employers and trying to get an internship or a job can be daunting and therefore provides you with opportunities to do so in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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