Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Freshman Year Memories

With graduation less than 3 months away, I have spent a lot of time thinking back on my years at Fordham and remembering all the fun times I have had. One memory I still love to think about is the time my roommate and I tried to go to Saturday Night Live freshman year.

My roommate, Julia, and I had a crazy idea to wake up super early Saturday morning and try to get SNL standby tickets. SNL gives out standby tickets to everyone at 8:00 AM Saturday morning for either the rehearsal or live-taping that takes place later Saturday night. However many regular audience members do not show up is how many standbys are allowed in.

We woke up at 4:00 AM Saturday morning and caught the very first Metro-North train into the city. After arriving at Grand Central, we grabbed some coffee and bagels and walked over to Rockefeller Center. Luckily for us, that Saturday night's show host was Blake Lively and the musical guest was Rihanna, so there were not that many people in line yet. If it had been Justin Bieber, we would have needed to line up days in advance.

After receiving our tickets 3 hours later, we decided to stay in the city, rather than return to the Bronx. We went uptown to the Museum of Natural History and explored all the fun artifacts the museum holds. We then went for a walk all through Central Park. Around 3:00, we were so tired from waking up so early that we took a nap for a few hours in my sister's Upper East Side apartment.

After waking up from our nap and eating dinner, we returned to the 30 Rock NBC Studios. We figured we would probably get in because we had the 10th and 11th standby tickets. After waiting for an hour or so to see if we would get it, we found out that no standby's were needed for the show that night.

So, we never made it into SNL, but we did have a lot of fun trying!

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