Sunday, March 31, 2013

Work for Play

        Freshman year, the girls on my floor and I decided to make a Fordham Bucket List.  We included activities such as climbing the Empire State Building, seeing concerts in cool venues such as Webster Hall, and participating in Global Outreach projects.  Through taking advantage of the free events Fordham clubs such as Flipside and Campus Activities Board hold, we have been able to check many of the items off our list.  However, when we feel like venturing into the city ourselves, it's good to have some spending money.  You don't want to have to say no to a half-priced Broadway show!
        In order to make these fun activities a reality, I have worked on campus for the past three years.  Freshman and sophomore year I was employed through the work-study program.  My job was a secretary in Student Health Services, so as a pre-medical student, this was the perfect placement for me.  I learned how to use scheduling software, interacted with the nurse practitioners, and developed my personal skills through answering patients' questions.  My boss and I worked together to integrate my twelve hours per week around my class schedule so that working just became another part of my day.
        Now, in my junior year, I have been working in Enrollment Services on campus as a part-time employee of the school.  This position comes with some more responsibility and has allowed me to see how different parts of a university function, something I have always been interested in.
         From the friends I have met at each job, to the practical skills I have developed to help me in the future, working on campus has been a huge part of my Fordham experience.  The best part is, I can rely on my paycheck to help me make the most of my time living in the greatest city in the world!

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