Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Springtime on Eddie's

The return of warm weather after winter means many things on the Rose Hill campus. Spring intramurals start up, trips to the Botanical gardens are planned, and the campus greens are filled. The Rose Hill campus offers the best of both worlds- a city setting with a quintessential college campus. One benefit of this is that there is a lot of green space on campus to go to and relax when the weather gets nice. Eddie’s is the main green in the center of campus, and the past few days it has been filled with students reading, throwing a football around, and kids playing Frisbee. A popular space for freshman to hang out when the weather gets nice is Martyr’s lawn.
One of my favorite memories on Martyr’s lawn occurred spring semester of my freshman year.  There was unusually warm day during the last week of January last year, and as I walked back from class I was surprised to see both Eddie’s and Martyr’s lawn packed with people. As soon as I got back to my room I changed into my sneakers and headed back out for a pick-up soccer game with my friends. We stayed outside until it was dark, along with many other students. I’m so glad that the warm weather has once again returned this semester, allowing for the spring-time activities on Eddie’s to commence once again!
Eddie's in the spring!
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