Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Welcome Home!

Just three shorts days ago, the class of 2017 was welcomed to the Rose Hill Campus to begin their New Student Orientation. Freshmen move-in day is personally one of my favorite days of the entire academic year! For the past year and a half, I have served as a Resident Assistant for sophomores, which has allowed me the opportunity to assist during freshmen move-in in numerous ways!

Welcome Banner!

On Sunday, August 25th, the 100 Resident Assistants on campus were up early with tables set up in each of the four freshman residence halls and banners welcoming students to their home away from home at Fordham University. As the class of 2017 began to arrive on campus, New Student Orientation Leaders (volunteer upperclassmen who spend three days showing the incoming freshmen the Rose Hill Campus and help them adjust to college) helped students bring their belonging up to their respective rooms while the freshmen met their Resident Assistant Staff and received their room keys and ID’s. 

Signs posted in the Residence Halls.
 As freshmen entered their halls, they may have taken notice to how nicely bulletin boards were decorated and what flyers were posted about upcoming programs. As an RA staff, we are encouraged to be creative with our bulletin boards and make them interactive. Students may be asked to write about a fun activity they participated in this summer while another bulletin board may have some information posted about what clubs students can join at Fordham at the same time as another board may have directions for how to do your own laundry. 

My Bulletin Board!
Later that evening, RA’s held floor meetings where they introduced themselves to residents, invited residents to participate in a short ice breaker, and shared some of the policies of Residential Life at the Rose Hill Campus. The role of an RA does not end here; RA’s play an important role for students throughout the year. Not only do RA’s enforce polices, keep students safe, decorate bulletin boards, and host programs, your RA is available to assist with anything you may need during the academic year. RA’s are your resource, mediator, and often times an upperclassmen mentor who can help make the adjustment to college much easier!

The 2013-2014 Rose Hill RA Staff
As a member of the Office of Residential Life, I am thrilled to welcome the class of 2017! We are so excited you have joined our Fordham Family!

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