Monday, April 29, 2013

Fordham Fashion

Last weekend, I had the privilege of modeling for Fordham's up and coming fashion magazine known as FLASH. The wonderful ladies that run this were inspired to create it just this past year in the fall of 2012, and have been largely successful in drawing students' attention. The magazine, published online, is described as being for those "interested in fashion, arts, journalism, and publishing." 

Their first edition, published last week, contained inspiration for Spring Weekend styles in anticipation of the GroupLove concert and the Great Gastby-themed dance. A variety of photos and articles featured advice on dressing both appropriately and fashionably for rocking out on Martyr's Lawn for all the ensuing festivities. Their next edition, anticipated to come out in early May, will feature pictures of Fordham students in years past with present students recreating the looks of the styles from those years. I highly suggest everyone take a look and support FLASH: you won't regret it! 

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