Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring Weekend

Probably the most exciting weekend of the semester, if not even the whole academic year at Fordham, is lying ahead of us: Spring Weekend!
Spring Weekend is a Fordham tradition. It takes place every year on the last weekend before students begin final exams and is organized by the Campus Activities Board (CAB).
It is a weekend full of activities, such as movie nights, dance parties, comedy shows. (You can see this year's program to the right) And the best thing about the variety of entertainment is that everything is for free! 
The highlights of the weekend are probably the party on Friday night in the parking lot, the day-long open-air concert on Saturday with BBQ, and the semi-formal dance on Saturday night. 
It is a great way of ending your year at Fordham, because, let's be honest, Finals are not a fun way of celebrating the end of the year. You get to enjoy a fun weekend with all of your friends before finals start and you will all go home for the summer. 

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