Monday, September 23, 2013

An Italian Summer at Fordham

Even though summer classes probably aren't every students favorite thing in the world, they are certainly a great way to earn some credits and get some core classes out of the way!  Fordham has two summer sessions that both consist of a large number of classes of varying subjects and levels. This past summer I chose to take my third Italian class here at Rose Hill during the first session, which ran from the end of May until the ending of June.  I'll admit, I certainly wasn't looking forward to spending my precious summer days cooped up in a classroom, but it ended up being such a great experience and certainly well worth my time!  

One of the main reasons why I had such an amazing experience was because I got to take the class with one of the most amazing professors. Dr. DeGregorio is an extremely caring and brilliant professor. She always makes sure that every student understands what she is teaching before moving on and is always available for help, which is certainly a plus for language classes. A big advantage that comes along with summer classes is that they are often times smaller in size. For example, my class had only eleven kids, so our professor really got to know us and was able to pay individual attention to each student. If you are interested in taking Italian I recommend her!! However, my favorite thing of all about taking a summer course here at Rose Hill was being able to see how beautiful the campus is during the summer.  Since the campus is obviously much less crowded during the summer you can enjoy sitting quietly on Edward's Parade (seen below) and reading a book or soaking up some sun! 

I chose to commute from my house for my class, which was super easy considering the Metro North is literally right outside the campus gates! However, there is also the option of receiving campus housing for either or both sessions!  Since Fordham's language classes can be a lot of work it is definitely smart to get one or two out of the way in the summer so you can be fluent before you know it!! 

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