Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fordham Hosts a Homerathon

At this point in your college search, you’ve probably heard a lot of numbers and rankings. You’ve seen beautiful pictures of our campus (no, we don’t use Photoshop; yes, movies are shot here with some frequency), delicious foodie pictures from Arthur Ave, and happy students engaged in all manner of activities. Maybe, though, you are looking for a little more. Maybe, you want some assurance that the academic experience here isn’t all by the book. You ask, where can I find a fun, group activity that involves public speaking, foreign languages, and great literature?

Your answer: at the Homerathon! Fordham’s Classics Department is sponsoring a marathon read of Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey. Anyone can RSVP to read aloud in front of McGinley today, and they can choose what language to read it in. I expect some English, some Latin, and some Ancient Greek, but I have my fingers crossed for some Arabic, some French, or maybe even some Mandarin.

Beginning their own odyssey on McGinley lawn 
These types of whimsical events don't usually receive as much attention as our 6-0 football team or easy access to NYC, but they certainly are an integral part of Fordham lore and a liberal arts education. If you are still searching for that classic college experience with a healthy dose of humorous academics, then I’ll see you at the next Homerathon.

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