Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off to the United Nations!

Instead of meeting in the regular room for class this week, my International Communication class went to the United Nations. Since we spend much time discussing the UN and its impact on our global society in the course, our professor decided it would be worthwhile to take advantage of our location in New York City and our proximity to the United Nations Headquarters.

UN Visitor Centre
While there, we went on a guided tour, where we learned about various aspects of the UN, hearing about everything from its founding to the artwork on display (and everything in between)!  We were able to walk through the Economic and Social Council chamber, where a meeting was being held. Upon entering the Security Council Chamber, we were told about the importance of the council and the impact it has had on the the very spot where the members meet! After the tour, we attended a briefing, where we learned about the media and news division of the UN.

UN Security Council Chamber
To be able to supplement a semester of more traditional classroom learning with a "field trip" like this was a great experience!

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