Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fordham in the News!

Over the past few weeks, Fordham has managed to be in the news quite a few times! With a winning football team and a beautiful campus to enjoy in the fall, it's an exciting time to be a student at Fordham!

Just last week, Fordham's beautiful Rose Hill Campus was featured on Business Insider! The article is complete with a picture tour of the campus! Read more here!

Fordham's football team is currently 7-0 for the first time since 1930! The Rams were recently featured in an article on BuzzFeed! Check it out here!

The New York Giants' current president John Mara graduated from Fordham Law School in the 1970s. The Mara's have a deep history with Fordham, as Wellington Mara (father of John Mara and former Giants president) was a Fordham classmate of the infamous Vince Lombardi! Mara says he's rooting for the Rams in an article about the history of Fordham Football that you can check out here!

 The Rams were featured in an article by ESPN recalling the past success of the program and more about how the 2013 team is putting Fordham football back on the map! Check it out!

As a current Fordham student, there is no better time to say I'M PROUD TO BE A RAM!

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