Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fordham's Extra Special Safety

When you hear about campus safety, you are probably talking about the security cars around campus, the guards in the dorms and the outside community, the emergency lights around campus...the list goes on and on. When touring many campuses, you will hear about these things eventually. Fordham has all of them, but those topics are not what this blog is about!

As a Fordham student, when I think about safety I think about how safe it is to live in a community that is honest, trustworthy, caring and friendly. There hasn't been a day where at least ten people have held doors open for me. It's so friendly here. All of this kindness is passed along in the community. I see it every day.
To paint a picture of what I am talking about: Recently a group of high school students came to Fordham to see what life as a college student is like. I was responsible for three students, whom I showed the campus and took to my class for the day. The interesting part was during lunch. None of them were comfortable leaving their belongings at the table where we sat down. At Fordham, this was unheard of! I needed to explain to them that the Fordham body has much respect for other peoples' belongings. They still didn't believe me, so I took out my iPhone, wallet, and Ray Bans, set them on the table in plain sight, and left with them to get food. All of it was there when I got back. The students were amazed!
On numerous other occasions, I see people leave laptops, phones, graphing calculators, and other expensive items on table in the library and other study locations. No one here has ever thought that something would be stolen. It's just not Fordham. I have even forgotten things in classrooms before, simply to find them a few days later. As a freshman, it took time to get used to this mentality, and it is something that should be commonplace everywhere.

When it comes to safety and security, we have the cars, lights, and 24-hour phone numbers, but more importantly, Fordham is filled with students and staff who have astounding integrity that is unbreakable.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I now know a lot about campus safety at Fordham and I am confident I will be safe while attending this school if I am admitted!