Thursday, October 17, 2013

Calling All Political Enthusiasts!

Whether they're reading a fresh newspaper on Eddie’s Parade on a sunny day or watching breaking news in their dorm lounges, I have observed that the vast of majority of Fordham students are well-informed. There are plenty of clubs on campus devoted to different causes, including political groups. Coming to Fordham my freshman year, I had an idea of where my political views fell on the left-right spectrum, but it was not until participating in such clubs that these opinions came into fruition.

The College Republicans, CRs, promote the values of the Republican Party on and off campus, and provide the forum for the conservative community at Fordham. The CRs work together to raise awareness on the positions and platforms of the Republican Party, and of right wing leaders. Furthermore, the group works to support the elections of Republican candidates by sending student members to work and volunteer for campaigns. Similarly, the group has taken trips in the past to national conferences, such as C-PAC, typically held in Washington D.C. Members not only discuss and meet with other fellow Republicans, but organize with the College Democrats to host heated and entertaining debates throughout the year that are highly attended. Ultimately, the CRs pride themselves on their fall and spring speakers, their most recent speaker being George Will and their upcoming speaker being James O’Keefe. 
CRs with George Will in Spring 2013

As a new member last year, I was intimidated by the many goings-on of the group, yet was drawn to the intellect of the student members; ultimately, I came to respect its leaders and fellow members for standing up for their beliefs. This inspired me to take on a more active role in the club: going to and participating in meetings, attending the high-energy debates, and helping with marketing for events such as the annual 9/11 memorial and guest speakers. Last year, I had the opportunity to meet with George Will, a renowned conservative columnist, journalist, and author. This was by far one of my favorite experiences thus far at Fordham – a small group of CRs who helped promote and plan the evening were able to sit with Mr. Will and have a more intimate discussion with him. I am excited to meet with our upcoming guest, James O’Keefe, and anticipate his highly-attended lecture.

Joining any and all political or informative clubs on campus is crucial to Fordham’s ideal of cura personalis. I believe I am one step closer to this goal as a result of my participation in the College Republicans due to the camaraderie fostered within the club, and for being able to explore freely my own political views in a secure community.  
Annual 9/11 Memorial on the McGinley Lawn 

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