Tuesday, October 1, 2013


One club that I have been involved in since my first semester of freshman year is FUEMS, which stands for Fordham University Emergency Medical Service. FUEMS is a service organization entirely made up of student volunteers that responds to medical emergencies at any time of day or night on the Rose Hill campus and in the surrounding Belmont community.  Those who need medical attention call the Fordham Security office, which then dispatches the duty crew.

Becoming a member is very easy. To start, you have to attend four training sessions that briefly show students how the ambulance works, how to do CPR, and how to take vital signs, such as pulse and blood pressure. You are then able to ride and respond to calls as an attendant, helping the student EMTs. Then, in the spring, FUEMS sponsors interested and dedicated students to attend EMT school and to take a class on campus that will prepare them to take the test to become New York State certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). 

Most of the members of the organization are EMTs and all of the members are Fordham students. You don’t even have to be pre-med or a science major to be on FUEMS. I am an International Political Economy major and there are many students in the Gabelli School of Business that participate in FUEMS. Those involved just all have the common desire to serve their Fordham community, keeping them safe and healthy. I love being a part of FUEMS because I’ve met such great people who really embody the Jesuit tradition, “men and women for others.”

One of the two ambulances

Group picture of some of the FUEMS members!

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